On going Landscape projects @ Dhaka : Architecture for your life style

We are working of roof top garden design project right now. The landscape project is almost on final stages. Some final touches yet to come but we are almost done.

Although site is on a high-rise building's roof top at the center of Dhaka city which is so over-crowded place and people get very small chances to get near to the nature. We think our only way and big opportunities is to use the leftover roof tops of the city's buildings .It's a huge area still ignored to work with it.

So, when we got a chance to get involve ourselves with it , we start to think the big frame - how can we aware people to use this opportunity and merged to their life style?

This is not only about to design nice - aesthetically beautiful spaces but also the big challenge is to make sure people's involvement . otherwise it won't work. So this is a good way from where we can get benefits from as a user and can involve our self to the environments.

Approaches :

1. Designing a lively environment.

2. Personal and emotional touch

3. Socializing these trends as a life style.

First one is the primary need un-doubtfully. but it not about eye catching design. Rather the design purpose will be to make a conversation between the environment and the user. That's the only way to get success.

Naturally our mind and body only works better simultan