Duplex Vacation House Design by S16A

Alhaj Alamgir Residence :

Location: Suhillpur,Talukderbari, Brahmanbaria Sadar , Bangladesh.

Land Area: 14 Acre.


Alhaj Alamgir Residence is a 10-bed vacation triplex house designed aiming to multiple family gathering and retreat. The site location is at Suhillpur,Talukderbari, Brahmanbaria Sadar , Bangladesh. The Land is at the bank of well known Titas River. Size of the land is more than 14 Acres. Currently, most of the site is covered with 5 big man-made pond and natural vegetation. Titas River flows by on the east side of the land. almost 1100 feet of the land is open to the river on the east. Rest sides of the land are consist of paddy lands. This land is elevated almost 10 feet from the rest of the area.

IMAGE: A Stunning sunrise view from the site towards the Titas river