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Apartment Building
by Max Group
Mohakhali DOHS, Dhaka, Bangladesh
A contemporary design approach was considered to design the multistoried apartment building for development purpose. The site location is at the Mohakhali DOHS  Residential Area, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Land size is 5 Katha (3600 sft.). Ground Floor consists of parking, reception lobby, lift, stair and the other ancillary facilities. Typical floors from 1st to 6th level consists of two unit apartment. A total number of the apartment is 12 Nos. Each unit has 3 bedrooms, where two beds have attached toilets and a guest bedroom with a common toilet facility. The rooftop is open with barbeque and other seating, gardening facilities. In this design approach, building material plays a vital role, because the final result depends on the selection of materials and construction procedure. Fair-faced concrete and Ceramic brick, non-reflective glass, and wooden fin were considered as the building materials. This type of building material brings an ambience to the environment that looks so natural and tranquil. Easily blend with the site and submissive. The internal environment of the building remains comparatively cool and bring warm daylight. Exposed weathered concrete and brick bring a sense of intimacy to the nature for the building dwellers. We brought the stair front near to the road which allows us to provide an open verandah at the entry door. 

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