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The Company




“Studio 16 Architects” (S16A) is an architectural and engineering design firm who put forward an innovative, modern and sustainable approach.We design buildings, homes, offices, industries, cities, and improve infrastructure for sustainable industrial development and urban living.

We are architects who love to deepen the way of life of people through attempting bring soul to the architecture that response to the nature and create an innovative style of life. Our technical excellence, sensitive responsibilities to the nature and hunger for the innovations brought new dimensions to our design.

STUDIO 16 ARCHITECTS is a high-energy, Innovative design firm offering architecture, interior design, planning, and sustainability services to a diverse group of clients. Since 2010 our firm has developed expertise in Residential, Commercial, Mixed Use, Industry projects - each with a philosophy of innovation and sustainability woven into them. STUDIO 16 ARCHITECTS brings quality assurance to bear on every project we undertake. Your need drive our vision to design and build excellent spaces for your organization.

STUDIO 16 ARCHITECTS firm offers RAJUK Regulation and sustainable design by IAB Accredited Professionals, Master Planning, Adaptive Reuse, and Interior Design. STUDIO 16 ARCHITECTS balances a project’s function, identity, and aesthetics throughout the project in order to provide maximum efficiency to clients. Mindful space planning and attention to the finest detail allows us to provide an optimized schedule while reducing construction costs.


Time is a factor in all businesses, but with construction projects, it is crucial. Having successfully completed complex projects with compressed schedules for many clients, Studio 16 Architects has developed accelerated techniques in design, scheduling, construction document delivery, and construction materials procurement. Our in-house cost estimating capabilities helps clients establish a realistic budget early in the design process.

Our skilled architectural design team can create a virtual scene of your project to enable you to see what it will look like before construction begins. We use an intelligent 3D model loaded with building design, construction, and management data that pulls together information for and from the entire project team. Clients, owners, and contractors gain virtual 3-dimensional looks at the exteriors and interiors of their projects during design and construction. This single act tremendously increases the communication and integration of the project team and helps to prevent costly change orders.

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