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Please read the details below.


A. Service Details:  

1.0 : Service Items:





Excluded: Logistics Service, TEX / VAT / ATI, Cost Estimation, Interior and Landscape Design

B. Terms and Conditions: 


2.0 : Payment Schedule ( A1-A7 ):

Design phase





2.1 : Site Visit and Construction Supervision ( A8 ):

Construction Phase 


  1. Site visit and Construction supervision is not included in this package. But we highly recommend conducting site visit before design phase starts, construction work starts and on different phases during construction work to inspect quality and safe construction work. We will conduct site visit and construction supervision on request. We will conduct site visit and construction supervision on request. Fees will be charged for each visit.

  2. Client will bear all the conveyance cost for visiting site by our technical personnel.

  3. Minimum 3 years experienced architect or civil engineer will conduct each visit. Payments must be made before conduct any visit.

2.2 : As Build Documents ( If Applicable  A9 ):

After Finishing


  1. For preparation any as build document or drawing client must arrange a site visit for our technical personnel. Fees will be charged for this additional work.




  1. Pay first to obtain the service or any phase of the service. Considering project schedule multiple phases of work can be run parallel way. In that case payments for those Phases must be made before start.

  2. We except payments by Bank Transfer / cheques / Bcash /Cash.

3.0 : Deliveries:





Note: For additional hard copy extra fees will be charged.

4.1 : Project Cancellation Policy:

  1. Any cancellation made at any phase of the project by the client must be notified in writing (mail/email).

  2. Client must obtain the service he paid for. Paid amount is nonrefundable.


4.2 : Project Modification Policy :

  1. After finalization of architectural basic drawing and design (Phase C1 & C2) to attain any major changes, Client must inform us by email/mail .These types of changes will be considered as additional work. Extra fees will be charged for this additional work.


4.3 : Construction Liability:

  1. Only client is responsible for construction work quality and safety.

  2. In case of change full or partially building occupancy types, client must notify us in written and must acquire an approval of NOC.



4.4 : General Terms and Conditions:

  1. All prices quoted are exclusive of TAX, VAT and ATI which will be applied at the relevant rate.

  2. Client must provide us true existing site survey drawing for preparation of accurate architectural detail working drawing. We recommend digital survey drawing.

  3. Client must provide us Soil test report for preparation of accurate structural detail working drawing. After finalization of architectural basic drawing, we will ask for soil test report.

  4. Client must provide us the photocopy of local authority land clearance certificate.  

  5. Quotation is valid for 30 days from the date of the quotation and need to be confirmed in writing (mail /email).

  6. Any services required or payments made after 1 year from the date of the acceptance of the quotation 20% extra fee will be charged for every year.

  7. Design or Specifications changes may affect pricing

  8. We reserve the right to decline at any phase of work without assigning any reason.

  9. Fees will be charged for any extra work.



4.5 : Others Services (excluded ) :

  1. We provide Interior and Landscape Design Solution. Please check our Interior Design Package for more information.

  2. We also provided digital survey and soil test report preparation and construction support. Please see our construction package for more information.

  3. Cost estimation/ BOQ preparation is not included in this package. We provide detail cost estimation on request. Fees will be charged for this additional work.

  4. Logistic support is not included and not available at your project location.


4.6 : Copyrights:

  1. All concepts, drawings, designs and presentations are production of the design team of studio 16 architects. Studio 16 architects reserve the copyright to all these drawings, which is strictly prohibited to be copied, reproduced or disclosed to a third party without the written permission. Studio 16 architects also hold the right to reuse, documentation and publication these drawings for future. Any DWG/RVT/SKP/MAX/ARCHICAD format files will not be provided to client at any circumstance.

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Note: Instruction for next steps will be sent along with Quotation.

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