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Duplex Residence Designed by S16A at Daudkandi

Fatema Akter Residence :

Location: Baropara, Daudkandi, Comilla, Bangladesh

Land Area: 3.04 katha.


Fatema Akter Residence is a 10-bed vacation Duplex house designed aiming to single-family living. The site location is at Baropara, Daudkandi, Comilla, Bangladesh. The Land near to Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. Size of the land is approx. 3 Katha. This area is surrounded by single/double-storied residential house.

IMAGE: front view


The basic requirement for the project was to have a large living space with a separate dining area. A sculptural stair for other floor access was initially recommended from the landowner. The modern and simple look for the project was his primary requirement. Vehicle access was not recommended by the landowner. So, Pedistrarian entry was considered as the primary access to the site.

IMAGE: front view


The ground floor consists of a foyer and large living space, The dining space is separated from the living area, from where the kitchen, common toilet and guest bed is accessible. Sculpture stair is located at the end of the living space which is visually centre of that space.

On the second floor, there is 3 bedroom, one study room and a family living space. Rooftop is consist of open space, laundry, Gym, toilet and storage room.

Modern & simplistic design approach was made to design the duplex.

IMAGE: South-east corner-view


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