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Design : The matrix of life

What is design?

Design is like handling elements in such a way that brings meanings as a whole. This meaning could have enormous results. That's why design is so important to this universe .Design is everything . This incridable universe and everything in it  is the result of this master design.This is the matrix of our life. If you look around in everything you will find the magnificent presence of DESIGN.

Anything without design is useless. Besides a well design can bring  more possibilities and the result can be infinity.

What is Architecture ?

Architecture is a way of handling complex multiple types of elements and come up with the solution. The caracter of the results depands on the design principles and primary goal.

What is engineering?

Engineering is a calculative way of achieving a certain design goal. It's a major phase of total architecture .

Architecture is the way of planning and engineering is the way of executing .The whole thing is the results of the Design.

Design is future. because the coming future is result of the elements we are dealing with. So we can be aware now and design it now.

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