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Designing the common space for multi-storied building

Common spaces in a multi-storied apartment buildings plays an important roll to make the impression of the dwellers. Common spaces at any apartment building generally consist of various features which is necessary not only for common activities but also bring order living with smoothness.

In case of designing common spaces few basic things should keep in consideration in first place.

At Ground Level :

01. Pedestrian friendly entry facilities

02. Vehicular Friendly entry facilities.

03. Sound security system in entrance

04. Guard activity area

05. Proper Drop off

05. Parking

06. Reception

07. Waiting lounge for visitors

08. Toilet facilities

09. lift lobby/ Stair

10. Garden and landscape , water-body etc

11.Drivers activity ares.

12. EME and Generator facility areas

13. Pump Room.

14. Fire fighting Control Room

15.Guard dorm with kitchen and toilers

16. Car wash area

17. Fire Stair/life with sound Exit system

18 Play ground

19. Walking Track

20.Kids Play

At Typical Level :

01. Lift lobby/ Stair

02 Fire Stair

03. AC outdoor Unit placement and management

Others :

01. Swimming Pool /Change room / Toilet

02. Community Space with toilet and kitchen

03. Gym

04. BBQ space

Target Service Facilities list

01. Electricity

02. Gas

03. Water

04. Security




09. Dish

10. AC system

11. Laundry and Iron

12. Cleaners

11. Drivers

12. Service boys

It is better to include facilities as much as possible and make living smoother.

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