Why you need an architect for your project

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

When you decide to build a new home or add to your existing home you are about to step forth on an exciting journey, where your hopes and dreams become physical reality.

Your best friend and confidante on this journey will be your architect. Architects turn dreams into reality and will support you through the process. Such a shared journey involves discussions about your personal habits, style preferences, hobbies and even your family relationships, so it’s really important that you choose an architect you can trust.

So how do you find the right architect for you, your vision and, importantly, your budget?

Firstly though, it’s important to understand at the outset why your project should be led by the architect and not by the ‘build’. It’s like putting the ‘cart before the horse’ to lock yourself into a construction package before properly considering the building design with a suitably q