RAJUK land use clearance [LUC] certificate application submission procedure

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

A. What is land use clearance for?

LUC ( Land Use Clearance ) is a certificate for the use purpose of the land.

How to register as an applicant for land use clearance for a land??

From 2020, you have to apply online for land use clearance for a land. But with this online application, you also have to submit a hard copy.

  1. Go to the following link - http://cp.rajukdhaka.gov.bd . Sign up first then you have to prepare and the Land-use clearance form shown on the right menu.

B. How much is the Land-use clearance fee?

1. Land-use clearance application process fee = 1000tk

2. VAT 15% of 1000tk = 150tk

3. Land-use clearance application form fee = 300tk

4. VAT 15% of 300tk = 45tk

Total = (1000+150+300+45)tk =1495tk

C. How to pay the land-use clearance fee?

1. Online payment system isn't active yet. So you have to pay through specific bank branches.

Like for Mohakhali office, you can pay through Janata Bank, Mohakhali Corporate Branch.

D. Required documents for submitting the land-use clearance application?

01 Application Form

Photocopy of

02. NID / passport/ birth certificate

03. Passport size photo of landowners.

04. Bank Receipt

05. Certified deed document of land

06. Updated Land Tax Receipt

07. DCR (Duplicate Carbon Receipt)

08. Certified C.S/R.S/City Survey Mutation porcha

09. Mutation porcha tax proposal

10. RS map and MS/City Survey map

11. Digital Survey map

12. Location map (Mouza)

13. Three copies of 15cm x 20cm Ammonia print of Site Plan (CS mouza map)

with the applicant sign on each paper.

Photocopy of the following documents can be required if applicable.

01. Certified power of attorney document [ if any ]

02. 1:5000 or 1:10000 size survey map [ if any ]

03. Civil aviation authority clearance [ if any ]

Please note that all papers must be signed by the applicant.

In case of online submission maximum size of each file must be less than 10MB. Scan the documents with DPI 100 in Grayscale. Autocad file must be in DWG format. The acceptable file format is JPG or DWG.

E. How long does the land-use clearance certificate remain valid?

24 month from the date of issuing the certificate.

To know more details about the online application form fill-up and submission of the form for land-use clearance you can check the following link or download the pdf file-



Download PDF • 2.43MB

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